Call for Interpreters/Co-Navigators

The NAD’s in-house interpreting/co-navigating team led by Wendy Adams will be coordinating all requests for #NAD2020! We invite all talented interpreters and co-navigators (also known as SSP) to join the #NAD2020 Interpreting Team this summer.  We are looking for interpreters with experience in Platform, Audience, and DeafBlind Interpreting.

This is a paid job opportunity in which lodging and travel expenses may be covered, more details will be shared once interpreters are selected. 

  • Deaf Interpreter — minimum qualifications: CDI or BEI certificate strongly preferred but will consider those who have years of interpreting experience.
  • Hearing Interpreter — minimum qualifications: RID or BEI certificate required.
  • Co-Navigator (SSP) — minimum qualifications: Deaf Interpreter students welcome, will consider other Deaf applicants. 

Email three items:

Applications must be submitted by January 30, 2020.

Additional Information:

Illinois Licensure requirements: In order to work at #NAD2020, the Illinois interpreters are required to have intermediate, advanced and master licenses and for those who are Out of State Interpreters who do hold either (1) an accepted certificate or (2) an interpreting license from another state; and also engage in interpreting in this State for a period of time not to exceed 14 days in a calendar year (services provided during declared State of national emergencies shall not count towards the limitation set forth).